AquaFrixio Hydro Massage Therapy

$24/day lease

A Water Massage for Every “Body”

The AquaFrixio Hydro Massage System is the world’s first and only trackless system with 24 rotating nozzles in 6 stationary zones for the body which performs water through air to create a powerful jet stream. It provides all the benefits of a professional “hands-on” massage with an advanced stand-alone hydro massage system. Touch screen technology allows the user to select from an array of pre-programmed functions or to customize the programming with the touch of a finger. Your hydro massage experience can be defined by setting duration and intensity of each zone. The settings allow to adjust the AquaFrixio’s water temperature from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm.

Get a massage anytime! This innovative unit will allow you and your customers to take full advantage of a water massage system with low maintenance. Since the unit is independently operated, each user can start and stop their session at any time. An external timer system can be installed for business owners to control massage times when needed. No additional staff is needed.

Session Time 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes
Condition Brand New
Use Business, Commercial
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  • Adjustable Duration & Pressure for each massage point or extend the duration of a particular massage area
  • Smooth Zone Transition from one zone to another in a smooth, relaxing manner
  • Trackless System operates without a tracking mechanism and other moving parts
  • AquaAbs Massage allows for abdominal targeting after a rigorous workout
  • Integrated Media sets the mood with music during your session
  • Preset & Custom Massages are pre-programmed to create a massage especially for specific areas
  • Adjustable Water Temperature can be set from refreshingly cool to soothingly warm
  • MyAquaFrixio Online Updates gives owners access to the newest features
  • Euro style with memory foam padding
  • Streamlined cutting-edge styling
  • Air assisted for powerful manipulation
  • 21 inch Touchscreen Display
  • T-Max ready
  • Operates without supervision 24/7
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • No moving parts to breakdown
  • After Each Session:
    • Clean the undersheet and pillow top
  • Daily:
    • Clean computer touch display screen
  •  Weekly:
    • Clean outside cover plates
    • Restart the computer
    • Wipe and vacuum fans and vents
  • Monthly:
    • Check the water level (start a massage session to see if there is a low water message)
    • Check net tension (push on the net to see if it’s sagging or can touch the jets)
    • Inspect all power cords and computer monitor cables
  • Semi Annual (6 Months):
    • Inspect exterior of the unit
    • Inspect all nozzles
    • Clean exterior of the unit
    • Add water conditioner
    • Inspection of level sensors
    • Drain and clean tub. Fill with 40 gallons of distilled water and add conditioner (draining is not required but depends on customer preference)
  • Dimensions: 86” L x 43” W x 47” H
  • Recommended Room Size: 9’×8′
  • Profitable 21 sq. ft. footprint
  • Unit Weight: 300 lbs empty, 600 lbs full
  • Weight Limit: 400 lbs
Tech Specs:
  • No special wiring needed
  • Rated for 110v/220v, 60 hertz, 20 amp breaker
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