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The Breathe & Detox Recovery Suite

The HaloIR™ is the first sauna to offer a synergistic combination of far infrared saunas and halotherapy. Created to engage all 5 senses for a truly transformative experience. TASTE the salty air, SMELL the essential oil, custom blended for our HaloIR™ customers, FEEL the warmth of the infrared heat as it envelops your body, HEAR the soothing voice of KSARA professional guided meditation, and SEE the changing lights of the medical grade chromatherapy and red-light waves. With thoughtful design, driven to support an elevated wellness experience, the HaloIR™, is a custom-built sauna integrated with the HaloGX™ halogenerator and haloprotectant technology to maximize the efficacy of both modalities.

Infrared Sauna benefits add to the already naturally powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of pure pharmaceutical grade salt. Some of these benefits such as boosting your immune system, reducing stress and fatigue and improving skin were already benefits of dry salt therapy.

  • Weight loss & increased metabolism
  • Muscle pain relief
  • Immune system boost
  • Improves appearance of cellulite
  • Eases joint pain & stiffness
  • Improves skin tone
  • Increases energy & circulation
Weight 750 lbs
Session Time 20 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 45 Minutes
Condition Brand New
Use Business, Commercial, Home, Residential
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  • 4-in-1 treatment: Heated Halotherapy, Heated Halotherapy with Infrared, or just Infrared
  • HaloGX™ halogenerator
  • Medical Grade Chromotherapy
  • Bluetooth Audio Sound System with KSARA Guided Meditation
  • Aromatherapy Holder along with custom blend essential oil
  • HaloProtectant™ feature to ensure there is no salt corrosion on the infrared components
  • Flawless “furniture grade” cabinetry with 8mm thick glass front
  • Small (1-2 people)
    • Exterior: 48” D x 52” W x 77” H
    • Interior: 44” D x 47” W x 74” H
    • Required Space: 5’ L x 4’ W
  • Medium (2-3 people)
    • Exterior: 48” D x 71” W x 77” H
    • Interior: 45” D x 66” W x 74” H
    • Required Space: 6’ L x 4’ W
Tech Specs:
  • Easy installation (normally 90 minutes)
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Allow for extra 2′ on HaloGX™ halogenerator side for opening
  • Includes 8′ 120-volt 15 amp cable
  • Requires a standard 120 volt 15 amp receptacle in the room
  • ELF shielding with the lowest ELF levels in the industry
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