We carry a wide selection of eye protection in reusable and disposable options for tanning, spray tanning, and red light therapy treatments.

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Wink Ease Lash Room (250)

SRP: $1.00

Wink Ease Ultra Gold (250)

SRP: $1.00

Wink Ease Lash Room (30)

SRP: $1.00

Wink Ease Dark for Red Light Therapy (50)

Eye Protection for Sunless Spray Tan Tech

Podz Pull Display (210)

Podz Pull Key Chain Fishbowl (30)

Podz Pull Key Chain (15)

Podz Gold

Classic Assorted Colours

I Minis

i Lidz Flexisoft

i Lidz Regular Display (60)

i Lidz Regular

i Goggles (100)

i Goggles

Ultra SunGlobe

DS Glamour Eyes

SRP: $10.00

AG EZ Eyes (200)


Cool Eyes

AG Eyewear Sanitizing Container

SunlessCLEAR Disposable Eye Protection (50)

SunlessCLEAR Disposable Eye Protection (250)

Eye Candy Neon Stringless

Eye Candy Black

Eye Candy Neon

UV Blocker Maintenance Glass

CT Pro-Specs Eyewear

CT Peepers Eyewear Display (72)

CT Peepers Eyewear

CT Peepers Modern Colors Eyewear Display (72)

CT Peepers Modern Colors Eyewear

CT Sunless Clear Disposable Eyewear (200)