Achieve an even full-body spray tan from the Mystic Tan automated booth. Customize your in-salon spray tan to match any style, season or event with seasonal delicious smelling scents. Myxers include multiple bronzers to enhance each tanner’s individual skin tone and an accelerator to produce colour results in half the time.

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Mystic Tan Myxer Box Kit

Mystic Tan Stickers for Myxer Box

Mystic Tan Myxer Box

Blending Barrier Cream Dispenser

Bronzer Myxer Kona 3ml Vial (25)

Blending Barrier Cream (1L)

MSRP: $29.00

Scent Myxer Warm Vanilla 1ml Vial (50)

Bronzer Myxer Sun 3ml Vial (25)

Mystic Kyss Equipment Poster

Mystic Kyss Instructional Poster

Bronzer Myxer Mocha 3ml Vial (25)

Myst Cartridge Magical Medium (4oz)

Myst Cartridge Magical Medium (25)

Myst Cartridge Luminous Light (4oz)

Myst Cartridge Luminous Light (25)

Myst Cartridge Dazzling Dark (4oz)

Myst Cartridge Dazzling Dark (25)

Bronzer Myxer Island 3ml Vial (25)

Myxer HyperTan Accelerator 3ml Vial (25)

Bronzer Myxer Honey 3ml Vial (25)

Scent Myxer Fresh 1ml Vial (50)

Disposable Footwear Booties (150)

Scent Myxer Coconut Lime 1ml Vial (50)