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5X Beacon Bronzer

Venture into the eye of the storm and emerge with unsinkable colour. Your journey to beautiful, bronzed skin is underway! Go against the tide and let this 5X Bronze Beacon light the way to glowing results. Seaside ingredients and a Coastal Cream Oil Formula flood the skin with intense hydration, while waves of Aquatic Cooling agents soothe and refresh. Brave the elements and keep fading ink at bay with botanical extracts. Brace yourself — it’s time to abandon ship and jump into a sea of bronze!

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Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • 5X Beacon Bronzer: Let your glow be a beacon of light! Achieve beautiful, balanced colour with a bronzing blend designed to help colour correct and counteract orange tones for a natural tan. Instant bronzers are perfectly balanced with Blue Tansy, Violet and Indigo for an even, immediate bronze. Develop long lasting colour with tanning enhancers that help stimulate melanogenesis while providing streak-free delayed colour from DHA and Erythrulose. 
  • Seaside Skincare: Harness the power of the Seven Seas with marine inspired ingredients, specially selected for their skincare benefits. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and amino acids and acts as an antioxidant to help promote youthful looking skin. It is also known to leave skin feeling nourished. Sea fennel is known for its richness in Vitamin C, which helps to increase collagen synthesis, and a compound that exhibits potent antioxidant activity, helping to protect skin from free radicals. 
  • Coastal Cream Oil Formula: Sea Buckthorn Infused Oil is ultra hydrating and is known to help boost elasticity for a toned appearance. Blended together with creamy Shea Butter, this cream oil formula provides intense moisturization and helps soothe and nourish skin, supporting a longer lasting glow. 
  • Isle of Silicone: Journey to a secret place where miracle silicones wrap your skin in splendour. This blend helps form a breathable layer to lock moisture onto the skin and creates a silky after feel. 
  • Aquatic Cooling: A double dose of menthol cooling agents are as refreshing as a dip in the water! Enjoy dual benefits that provide a pleasant cooling sensation, while also helping to soothe skin. 
  • Anti-Fade Tattoo: Designed to help naturally protect tattoos with botanical extracts selected for their antioxidant and photo-protective properties which can help protect tattoos from fading. 
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