Ergoline VITALITY 50/4 | TLT3

$73/day lease

A Perfect Trio of Red, Blue & UV Light Technology

The combination of Red Light, Blue Light and UV provides optimal tanning results and high levels of client customization during each and every session. Your customers demand the very best and Total Light Technology is here to meet increasing demands for innovation and individualized results. The addition of Blue Light enhances the tanning environment and provides an energizing experience during a session. For the first time, Total Light Technology provides users with full session control to focus on their individual tanning and colour development goals. From personalized control of UV Settings to a fully UV-Free Session, users will love the freedom to custom tailor each session to their desired output.

Session Time 10 Minutes
Condition Brand New
Use Business, Commercial
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  • 54 x Red LED + 54 x Blue LED
  • 36 x 200 W Genesis PLT
  • 14 x 200 W Genesis HLT
  • 168 x UVA LED Facial Tanners
  • 4 x 8 W Genesis HLT Spaghetti Lamps Facial Tanners
  • 20 x UVA LED Shoulder Tanners
  • Total Light Technology TLT
  • Choice of UV intensity: Sensitive, Medium, Intensive, UV-Free Treatment
  • Temptronic Plus Air Conditioning climate control system with cooling and heating in a closed tanning tunnel
  • Surround Cooling Plus 3-Zone Ventilation for even cooling with ventilation channels over the entire body
  • Aqua Fresh refreshment with a fine mist in the face and body area
  • Aroma range of fragrances for relaxation, including fragrance for the cabin depending on the model
  • Professional Set-Up Manager Plus easy device setting on the large internal or external display
  • Voice Guide explanation of all functions by a pleasant voice
  • Interior 7″ Touch Display for adjusting comfort and intensity
  • Exterior 10“ Touch Display includes Video Function
  • Cinematic Sound System with two loudspeakers, SD card slot and AUX connection
  • Bluetooth® Connect & Charge
  • LED light show mood lighting with a selection of colours and lighting effects
  • LED Interior Light for mood lighting in stand-by mode with LEDs
  • Multi Relax ergonomically designed acrylic with integrated headrest and foot supports for a seamless tan
  • Extensive Comfort features
  • Closed: 93″ L x 57″ W x 61″ H
  • Open: 93″ L x 57″ W x 74″ H
  • Recommended Room Size: 9′ x 10′
  • Weight: 1,554 lbs
Tech Specs:
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 14,600 W
  • Timer: 10 Minute T-Max® Ready
  • Fuse: 60 amp 3 Ø / 90 amp 2 Ø
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