KBL 4800 Alpha

$32/day lease

Pure Pleasure

The KBL 4800 Alpha introduces a tanning experience that is pure pleasure. It is in every way a true KBL bed: visually stylish and modern while technically superior. Take advantage of premium features offered at a powerfully attractive price. The KBL 4800 Alpha introduces an experience made for satisfaction. The modern design and consistent contours clearly reveal the attraction, while showcasing unique details and innovations for a sleek appearance. The equipment category is fitted as standard with the innovative aluminum reflectors in the facial area for even better performance distribution. Other features of this modern beauty include: p2 lamps, adjustable facial output, adjustable body fan, EZ access service compartment, hinged acrylics, sound system, and an in-bed control panel.

Weight 1366 lbs
Session Time 12 Minutes
Condition Brand New
Use Business, Commercial
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  • 22 x 160 W (max.) pureSunlight lamps
  • 2 x 80 W (max.) extraSunlight lamps
  • 3 x 400 W pureFacials


  • 14 x 180 W (max.) pureSunlight lamps
  • Electronic Ballasts significantly reduce energy consumption by (33%) thus lowering energy costs & heat generation in the salon
  • Pure Sunlight Lamps deliver the perfect mix of UVA & UVB spectrums of light for pigment production & pigment bronzing
  • P2 Extra Sunlight Lamps deliver enhanced spectrums of UVB light for maximum pigment production that allow development of a darker & long lasting tan
  • EVO 2 Reflector Technology System provides a more effective distribution of UV light to the tanners body ensuring a full body tan
  • Pure Facial Face Tanner System 4-400 watt high pressure lamps deliver enhanced spectrums of UVA light to maximize tanning results in the harder to tan facial & neck areas
  • Body Cool innovative all around ventilation system with (4) separate air supplies insures maximum cooling effect during your tanning session
  • Exhaust System includes vent stack, exhaust hose & connectors that allows for maximum transfer of hot air out of tanning room for a cooler environment
  • Easy Control Display Screen for easy to read operation
  • Music Vibration System allows for the body to feel the music for a more memorable & stimulating tanning experience
  • Auto Volume Control provides a consistent sound experience by automatically adjusting the music volume level based on the bed ventilation noise level
  • Sound System delivers the perfect mix of of sound through the speaker & subwoofer system so you can enjoy the ultimate music experience
  • Spacious Interior
  • Multi-function Display
  • Décor Lamps provide a pleasing & unique visual appearance of the tanning unit while providing a warm & inviting glow in the tanning room
  • Closed: 54″ H x 92″ W x 63″ D
  • Open: 68″ H x 92″ W x 57″ D
  • Recommended Room Size: 9′ x 8′
  • Weight: 1190 lbs
Tech Specs:
  • Maximum power consumption: 10 kW
  • Timer: 12 minute T-Max® Ready
  • Main voltage: 3-phase: 3 x 220 V / 60 Hz
  • Breaker: 3-phase: 3 x 40 A
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