KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl

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Take Your Tan to the Next Level

Pure power can be so beautiful! Tanning with power, relaxing with style. The KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl is the high-tech eye-catcher with high-performance tubes, powerful design and a lot of wellness features. This unique bed helps you to achieve the perfect tan specific for your skin type through it’s cutting edge IntelliSun technology and P2 pigment lamps. These amazing and unique features allow you to select specific UV settings based on your particular pigmentation level, preventing your skin from ever reaching a tanning plateau. The KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl not only offers amazing tanning power, it also provides relaxing amenities such as misters, aromatherapy, voice prompts, multiple music options including smartphone connectivity, and built in air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable during your session.

Weight 1200 lbs
Session Time 10 Minutes
Condition Brand New
Use Business, Commercial
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  • 20 x 200 W (max.) pureSunlight lamps
  • 6 x 80 W (max.) extraSunlight lamps
  • 4 x 500 W pureFacials


  • 20 x 200 W (max.) pureSunlight lamps
  • Electronic Smart Ballasts provide lower energy consumption, extends lamp life & allows for specific UVA/UVB lamp output with just one touch of the preSelection touch screen
  • Pure Sunlight Lamps deliver the perfect mix of UVA & UVB spectrums of light for pigment production & pigment bronzing
  • P2 Extra Sunlight Lamps deliver enhanced spectrums of UVB light for maximum pigment production that allow development of a darker & long lasting tan
  • X-tra Tan Shoulder Tanner 2-250 watt high pressure lamps deliver enhanced spectrums of UVA light to maximize tanning results in the shoulder area
  • EVO 2 Reflector Technology System provides a more effective distribution of UV light to the tanners body ensuring a full body tan
  • Pure Facial Face Tanner System 4-500 watt high pressure lamps deliver enhanced spectrums of UVA light to maximize tanning results in the harder to tan facial & neck areas
  • Automatic Climate System auto-temperature control driven by room temperature, increases/decreases the intensity of air flow for a comfortable tanning experience at all times
  • Air Conditioning high performance system ensures a pleasant & cool tanning environment by forcing cool air under the body acrylic surface & through (4) jets in the canopy for an incomparable tanning experience
  • Aqua Cool Misting Technology regularly sprays (6 seconds per minute) a fine mist of water on the upper body, thru (2) special jets in the canopy, during the tanning session to refresh & revitalize during your session
  • Aroma Odour Control System will dispense a mild pleasant aroma into the ventilation system that minimizes tanning odour to create a pleasant & relaxing tanning experience
  • Exhaust System includes vent stack, exhaust hose & connectors that allows for maximum transfer of hot air out of tanning room for a cooler environment
  • Megavoice Guidance System provides user guidance for easy & quick operation of the internal control display panel with confidence & ease
  • Easy Control Display Screen for easy to read operation
  • LED Color Motion Remote Control innovative light panels allows salon to create the atmosphere of their choice via remote colour selection control (calming, energizing, stimulating)
  • Pre-Select Control Panel user-friendly touch pad display located on exterior of bed canopy where tanner can select (1 of 3) “IntelliSun”specific UVA to UVB light ratios for a perfect tanning experience
  • Music Vibration System allows for the body to feel the music for a more memorable & stimulating tanning experience
  • Auto Volume Control provides a consistent sound experience by automatically adjusting the music volume level based on the bed ventilation noise level
  • Sound System delivers the perfect mix of of sound through the speaker & subwoofer system so you can enjoy the ultimate music experience
  • Optional Bluetooth allows tanner to listen to your favourite music on your smartphone during your tanning session
  • USB Port allows salon to download preselected music to the beds sound system that can be used by tanners that don‘t have their own personal music source
  • Spacious Interior
  • Multi-function Display
  • Décor Lamps provide a pleasing & unique visual appearance of the tanning unit while providing a warm & inviting glow in the tanning room
  • Closed: 61″ H x 94″ W x 57″ D
  • Open: 77″ H x 94″ W x 57″ D
  • Recommended Room Size: 9′ x 8′
  • Weight: 1367 lbs with air conditioning
Tech Specs:
  • Maximum power consumption: 14 kW
  • Timer: 10 minute T-Max® Ready
  • Main voltage: 3-phase: 3 x 220 V / 60 Hz
  • Breaker: 3-phase: 3 x 50 A
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