Sun Capsule Eclipse Series 200

$22/day lease

Best Kept Secret

If ever there was a Sun Capsule series that epitomizes what power, performance and reliability represent in a tanning machine, look no further. The Eclipse® Series has taken low pressure tanning to an all new level that rivals the performance of high pressure systems without the high price and high maintenance costs. All booths feature proprietary 2 meter Cosmolux® VHR/HP lamps specifically designed to achieve the best results. The introduction of the “step up” design gives perfect, even head to toe results every time. It’s an experience that words can’t describe.

Session Time 9 Minutes
Condition Brand New
Use Business, Commercial
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  • 49 x 220 W lamps
  • Elevated floor provides head-to-toe tanning
  • Patented 6 design increases exposure to front of body by 20%
  • Colours: Multi, Red, Yellow, Blue
  • 54” L x 42” W x 100” H
  • Attached 8 Sided Dressing Room
  • Frosted Acrylics
  • Interior Accent Lighting
  • Integrated Tmax / Remote Tantime Timer
  • Python Audio System With Timer
  • Three (3) Phase Wiring (Or Convertible)
  • Exterior Lighting With Duratrans
  • Wide Side Panels
Tech Specs:
  • 220-230V / 37A-10 24A-30
  • Single Phase Amperage: 53 Amps
  • Three Phase Amperage: 32 Amps
  • Buck Boost Transformer: 2.0 KVA 240
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