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Sunless Spa & Skincare System

Wrapped in state-of-the-art application technology, Sunless, Inc. introduces its latest breakthrough in heated sunless spray tanning. Welcome to VersaSpa® PRO Heated Sunless Spa Series. Designed with a multitude of industry-first features that can turn even the newest employees into true sunless professionals, beginning with a revolutionary touchscreen that allows you to formulate flawless, customized applications with the swipe of a finger. Premium eco-certified ingredients and skin softeners will enhance your client’s skin and produce the most beautiful tan while making them look and feel younger. VersaSpa® PRO is an excellent option for customers who are not only looking for great colour but care about receiving high-end skincare as well.

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Use Business, Commercial
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  • Three HVLP Spray Nozzles: Ensure complete, accurate coverage for all body types.
  • Height Sensor Technology: Guide spray head along vertical track for head-to-toe coverage.
  • Dry Passes In-Between Spray: 3 integrated heat ports above each spray nozzles.
  • Automated Voice Instructions: Guide tanners through 4 spray positions.
  • Standard WiFi Connection
  • Open Door, 3/4 Enclosed
  • Front Panel Designs: Teal, Slate, Sport
  • Easy-To-Use Standing Position Plates: Intuitive spray tanning positions.
  • Bag-In-Box Solution Containers: Tanning solution, bronzers & skin care moisturizer contained in 180 oz. bag-in-box containers.
  • Solution Storage: Built in, four-bay, solution reservoir system reservoirs allow you to completely utilize every ounce your Bag-in-Box has to offer, while also ensuring seamless solution changing.
  • Auto Solution Calibration System: Automatically calibrates the Smart Container System solutions so you don’t have to.
  • Smart Container System: System reads information from each Bag-In-Box solution container to automatically set your machine to the factory recommended settings for each type of solution.
  • Precision Metering Pumps: Ensures the correct amount of solution is used for each session treatment, creating consistent applications every time.
  • Auto Alert Solution Replacement: Stay ahead of the daily rush with a built-in auto-alert which notifies you when solution is running low, allowing you to switch out solutions seamlessly.
  • Session Builder with Intuitive Touchscreen: Controller allows you to build session for colour, body part selection and skin treatment.
  • Customization: Customize clients’ treatment sessions and colour with the on-screen session-builder functionality.
  • Easy Integration with T-Max & Salon Systems: Full integration in just minutes.
  • Quick View Screen: See a snapshot of session history, solution levels, and any recent fault codes.
  • PRO CONNECT™ Technology: Monitors the performance of the booth and sends email alerts before an issue becomes a problem. Pro Connect is directly linked to tech support via a Wi-Fi connection. This connection also enables real-time OS updates and notifications.
  • Automatic Washdown System: Rinses booth automatically after each session.
  • Drainage: A floor draining system removes excess water and solution after the misting and wash-down processes.
  • Self-Cleaning Extraction Fan System: With a high-volume, self-cleaning extraction fan system your clients will experience an overspray-free environment, and you’ll experience hands-free maintenance. Plus the exhaust filter cleans itself after every session!
  • Booth Dimensions: 6’1” L x 4’2” W x 7’7” H
  • Recommended Room Size: 8’ L x 8’ W x 8’ H
Tech Specs:


  • Drainage: Above or below ground
  • Water Supply: Cold water supply and standard washing machine hook-ups


  • Wall Outlet: NEMA L630
  • System: 208-240 VAC Single Phase, 30 AMP
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