Revive Pro IR Laydown

$49/day lease

Transformative Wellness, Rejuvenation to Recovery.

The Revive PRO IR Laydown is the first of its kind to offer infrared and red-light LED technology for the entire body. Easy to use and accessible, this cutting-edge technology comes together with form and function to create an in-demand service for skincare, personal optimization and recovery. The Revive PRO IR Laydown is a stand-alone treatment option that provides a range of benefits for your clients. The innovative solution harnesses the potential of LED Technology delivering Red and Infrared Light to create a revitalizing experience. Red Light is absorbed by our cells to create energy and promotes cell renewal and cell reparation. The Revive PRO-IR Laydown uses LED technology to deliver Red and Infrared Light to the entire body, triggering a cascade of metabolic events with multiple wellness benefits. From rejuvenation to recovery, our technology will offer your customers a wide range of benefits and will make your business an essential pillar in their wellness routine


  • Rejuvenation for the mind & body
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Increases full-body cellular turnover
  • Aids in recovery
  • Anti Aging for the entire body
Session Time 15 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes
Condition Brand New
Use Business, Commercial
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  • 4,416 Red-Light & Infrared-Light LEDs
    • Base 1,536 LEDs
    • Canopy 2,880 LEDs
    • 630 / 660 / 850 nm wavelengths
  • Comfort Cooling 1-zone ventilation
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Stereo Sound System
  • Bluetooth Connect
  • Frosted Body Form
  • LED Interior Light
  • Modern Base
  • Closed: 85.03″ L x 36.42″ W x 38.23″ H
  • Open: 85.03″ L x 44.01″ W x 48.66″ H
  • Recommended Room Size: 9″ L x 7″ W
  • Weight: 350 lb
Tech Specs:
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 1,600 watts
  • Service Time: 15 to 60 minutes
  • Volt: 240V / Amp: Single: 9 / Breaker: 20 amps
  • Remote Access and T-Max Compatible
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