Concentrate Mineral Melanin (16oz)

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Oxygen Science™ Concentrates are specifically formulated for use in both Dermalife Multi-Sensory Spas and Hydration Station. These exclusive products utilize pharmaceutical grade botanicals, powerful mineral extracts and vitamins A, E, and C for active skincare.

Mineral Melanin Concentrate – An ultimately soothing boost with chamomile, lavender, and geranium. Includes beneficial ingredients such as Dead Sea mineral salts, algae, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, green tea extract, plant collagen, and elastin.

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Key Ingredients & Benefits

Botanical, Vitamin and Mineral Enhancement for Spa System Protocols

• Pharmaceutical grade botanical extracts
• Liquid vitamins and minerals for skin care
• Designed exclusively for Sybaritic Spa Systems
• A complete professional skincare line
• Utilizes pure, non-chemically derived oxygen
• Water-based, natural botanical formulas

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