SanaSalRx Halogenerator Salt (30g)

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Advanced halogenerator salt blend for halotherapy sessions. SanaSalRx can be used as a replacement for regular halogenerator salt, or it can be mixed with it. One 30g bag of SanaSalRx salt is enough for 1-2 or more sessions, depending on the size of the room and the type of halogenerator used. In salt booths, it can be used for 5 or more sessions. Heating the SanaSalRx salt blend is not necessary.

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Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Pharmaceutical Salt
  • Pharmaceutical Sodium Bicarbonate – Better mucus removal, raised PH level
  • Eucalyptol, Cineole – Antibacterial and antiseptic. Clears lungs and reduces inflammation
  • Infused USP Mint – Easier breathing, calming
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